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Tales all about equine photography, my lovely clients & their precious ponies.

You’ve booked your photography session. You’ve even selected your session theme, outfit, and location. Now the only thing left is actually getting your horse prepared for the session! It’s so important to ensure that on the day of your photoshoot you’re not having to run around stressed, trying to figure out which choices to make. Should I bathe my horse? Hoof oil or no hoof oil? Trim mane or not? So many decisions! In this post I will give you all the tips & tricks for getting your horse to look like a million bucks in time for their portrait session.

How to Groom your Horse for a Photography Session?

July 14, 2023

On a beautiful August day, the horses and riders at the oldest civilian riding school of The Netherlands got to enjoy a day of professional photography sessions!

Barn Visit at ‘s-Gravenhaagsche Stadsrijschool, The Hague

January 28, 2023

Michelle and her KWPN dressage mare Hades were absolutely perfect in this Horse & Rider portrait session!

Michelle & Hades – Horse and Rider Portrait Session in Rotterdam

December 3, 2021