every tale deserves to be told.

International portrait & equine photographer based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

"No thing is
too small
to be significant"

Change is one of my favourite things in life. Having moved 16 times and lived in 5 different countries (currently based in The Hague, NL), I've realised that not everything can be taken with you through all changes. But some things can. Memories, images. They stay.

I love telling stories of life around me. The people I meet, the animals I cuddle, the small, simple moments of everyday life that are too often forgotten. And I especially love doing so through the images I take. Hi there. My name is Kreeta. Let me tell your story!

Other things I love include tea, a good night sleep, horse riding & teaching, psychology (which I study), and travel!


The Hague photographer

kuinka haluat sinua kuvattavan?

/ alive





14 days after your session, you will receive a link to your online gallery with at least 30 of the best images.

Depending on your chosen collection, the next steps either include product design or simply enjoying and selecting your favourite images. You can also shop for products to remember this time by! 


Your personalised photography session of up to two hours takes place at a location chosen together.

We will spend a fun few hours together, enjoying the moment and capturing some of your dearest memories in an effortless and natural way, with enough time for multiple outfits.


You can book your session by filling in the contact form on this website, or via email (kreetales@gmail.com).

A 50% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract secures your date. The remaining fee is due 7 days before your photoshoot. If necessary, your session can be rescheduled once free of charge.


Prior to your photoshoot we will have a pre-session consultation to help me best plan your session.

I will get to know you and your wishes better, walk you through my process, answer any questions you may have, and show samples of the products available for purchase after your session!

You choose your session. The process and pricing stay the same.


The story collection includes five high resolution digital images, delivered in a private online gallery. 

story collection

This collection comes with all your high resolution digital images, delivered in a private online gallery, along with a custom 20x25cm fine art album with a selection of your favourite images.

tale collection

This collection has it all! A full gallery of high resolution digital images, a 30x45cm fine art print professionally matted and framed, and a 20x25cm fine art album. You also receive a beautiful slideshow of all your images!

NOVEL collection

Back at my home farm in Finland, we have an old, dark stained wooden cabinet -heavy as can get, with beautifully carved corners and decorations. And inside, dozens and dozens of photo albums. Images of people, animals, and places that were, and lived, and went before me. Moments I haven't beared witness to, but are a part of my story and feel close to my heart because I can see those moments through the faded images we have left. Had those images not been printed, there would be a gap in my story. In today's digital age, a handful of images are posted on social media platforms likely to have been forgotten by the time the next generations start searching for their stories. Archival quality albums and wall art on the other hand become family heirlooms, passed on through generations -held dear for years to come.

Why you should always print your images.


à la carte

Custom products available for an additional fee.

FRAMED FINE ART PRINT / Professionally matted and framed (500-1250€)
GALLERY WALL / Three fine art prints professionally matted and framed (950-1250€)
FRAMED CANVAS / Museum quality handmade canvas wall art with the optional frame (500-1750€)
ALBUM / Fine art album (500-950€)
MATTED PRINTS / Matted fine art print (50€)
DIGITAL IMAGES / Full gallery (500€) / Individual images (25€/image) 


How  would  you  like  to  be  photographed?

125€ / horse


Do you & your friends have three or more horses at the same facility that need to be photographed in a fine art, black background style? Then this is the ideal option for you!

Each horse gets 30 minutes of photography time and a private online gallery out of which to choose 3 carefully edited digital images. Additional images and printed products can be purchased via the gallery.


starting at 500€

Are you a professional in the equine industry looking to upgrade your visual presence? 

My business branding base package (500€ incl. VAT 21%) includes a pre-session consultation, a photography session of up to 2 hours and a gallery with a minimum of 50 lightly edited images (incl. cropping and my signature color correction), along with tips on how to best use your images for both online & offline marketing!

combine for full business branding!

Additional hours can be booked for 100€/hour

Kreeta is an incredibly talented photographer with a beautiful, timeless style.

She was great to work with & she captured so many stunning photos of my horses! I would highly recommend her work!



will rogers
the espire foundation

Kreeta has created all of the images used for marketing my equine assisted therapy business, creating the backbone on which the visual branding builds on. I have always been more than happy with the quality of her work and would without a doubt warmly recommend her for anyone looking for the best quality!

who appreciate quality"

"for those 

equine assisted therapy



Below you can find answers to most frequently asked questions. I hope these provide answers to any questions you may have in your mind after reading the information on this site. That being said, know that if you ever have any further questions, I'm only an email away!


are travel fees and tax included in the prices?

BTW/VAT is included in all collection and product prices.

Travel fees within The Netherlands are included in the collection costs! 

I regularly photograph in Finland. During these trips, additional travel fees do not apply for sessions in and around a selection of major cities including Tampere, Oulu, Joensuu, Kuopio.

For other countries, all costs (incl. flights, rental cars, and accommodation) are divided among clients.


Of course! My standard matted prints, album and wall art (minimum investment) options are products of exceptional quality that I love with all my heart and am proud to offer to each and every one of my clients. That being said, my goal is to always create products that you will love just the same! Any customizations not specified in the product options will be quoted and billed separately according to your wishes.

What languages do you speak?

I speak English and Finnish fluently, and have a basic understanding of Dutch. 

For clients in countries other than Finland, my contracts, invoices, and all business-related communication is in English. It should also be taken into account that my communication with the younger children of families may be limited due to the language barrier (although I will certainly try my best!). 

My Finnish clients will be served in Finnish or English, according to their preference! 
*Suomalaisten asiakkaideni kanssa kommunikaatio, sopimukset, sekä laskut hoidetaan toki pääsääntöisesti suomen kielellä!

can i use the images from my session commercially?

You may use your images on both personal and professional platforms, as long as you do not directly profit from the use of the images.

This means that you can use the images to advertise your business in online (website, social media etc.) and printed material (flyers etc.) created by yourself or your team, but you may not sell the images digitally or as a part of a product (such as a calendar). 

Additionally, you may not transfer publication rights to a third party, such as a magazine or a contest. If you are interested in having your images published in a magazine or a contest, please approach me for a separate licensing agreement. 

how can i best prepare for my session?

This is the number one question I get asked by my clients before booking so let me set you at ease! By the time we reach your session date, you will know everything you need to know about getting ready for a photoshoot.

After your booking has been confirmed, I will send over a complete preparation guide to help you in the process. This guide goes over everything from hair, makeup, outfit selection, and colour palettes to best preparing your horse, dog or other pet. The guide also provides some information on how my sessions generally work and gives numerous helpful tips + tricks for mentally and physically preparing for the experience!

If you still have questions or need help with narrowing down outfit options, we can 100% have a chat about preparation also during the pre-session consultation!

Let's work together

Don't hesitate to get in touch either using the form below, or by sending me an email at kreetales@gmail.com! I reply within 48 hours, also on weekends. I'd be happy to answer any questions and can't wait to plan a wonderful photography session with you!






Thank you!

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Tale /teɪl/ Noun. 

"A fictitious or true narrative or story, especially one that is imaginatively recounted." 

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your beautiful ordinary.

Immortalised in timeless images and archival quality heirloom products

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Did you ever see yourself through someone else's eyes?

celebrating you.