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International portrait & equine photographer based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

"Timeless images of your once-in-a-lifetime horse"

I believe it takes a horse person to truly capture the close connection between a horse and their human. I've been where you are, I understand the fulfillment, worry, the rollercoaster of emotion that is having a heart horse. Your story and partnership is unique, and I want to tell that beautiful story through my images!

I love telling stories of life around me. The people I meet, the animals I cuddle, the small, simple moments of everyday life that are too often forgotten. And I especially love doing so through the images I take. Hi there. My name is Kreeta. I'm a traveling equine photographer based in The Hague, The Netherlands!

I love more things than not, including but not limited to a good night sleep, tea, psychology (which I study), and travel!


every tale
deserves to be told

kuinka haluat sinua kuvattavan?

/ alive

14 days after your session, you will receive a link to your online gallery with your finished images.

Artisanal heirloom products have been hand selected by me to bring the best quality available, designed to suit your style & home. These will be delivered to your home within 90 days from ordering.


Your personalised photography session takes place at a location chosen together.

We will spend some time together, enjoying the moment and capturing some of your dearest memories in an effortless and natural way. I will guide you and your horse every step of the way to ensure the best results!


Prior to Horse & Rider, as well as Business Branding sessions we will have a pre-session consultation call.

A consultation call is optional for my Equine Fine Art, and Dear Diary -sessions, but you will receive a comprehensive preparation guide specific to your chosen session type to help best plan for your session.


You can book your session by filling in the contact form on this website, or via email (

A 50% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract secures your date. The remaining fee is due 7 days before your photoshoot. If necessary, your session can be rescheduled once free of charge.


The Experience

The Experience

In today's digital age, a handful of images are posted on social media platforms likely to have been forgotten by the time the next generations start searching for their stories. Archival quality albums and wall art on the other hand become family heirlooms, passed on through generations -held dear for years to come. This is why the sessions below include some form of printed product. These sessions are more time-consuming and artful in nature, and deserve to be present in your home in physical form. Additional prints & products can of course always be ordered, also for the session types that typically don't include any. Scroll down to get to know the different collection options available, and even further down for digital-only collections.

Printed Collections

Matted Print Collections / Starting at 650€
Fine Art Albums / Starting at 750€
Wall Art / Starting at 1050€
Fine Art Folio / 275€

High-Resolution Digital Images purchased separately for sessions that do not include a full gallery.
Individual image / 25€
All images / 500€


Black Background, Fine Art -style equine portrait session. You will receive all digital images, as well as a personalized 2-image fine art folio.

story / fine art equine portrait collection

Horse & Rider portrait session with all your digital images, delivered in a private online gallery. You also receive a custom 20x25cm fine art album with a selection of your favorite images.

tale / Horse & RIDER collection

This collection has it all! A Black Background, Fine Art -style session, as well as a Horse & Rider portrait session resulting in a full gallery of digital images, as well as a 20x25cm fine art album, personalized according to your wishes!

NOVEL / all inclusive collection

Not everyone is after printed heirloom products & wall art from every session they get. Branding images have their biggest impact on social media, and sometimes we just want digital memories from day-to-day life to share and savor. Maybe you'd even like to collect a year's worth of images and create a collective album of them! For this purpose, I have created specialized collections for the equine professional, a "short story" portrait collection, as well as a documentary-style take on a moment in time shared by your horse and you. Keep reading to find out more!

Digital Collections 

A small taste of the Kreetales Photography portrait experience! 

The Short Story -collection includes 1 hour of photography time, with your choice of either outdoor Horse & Rider portraits, or black background, fine art style images of your horse alone. Out of a private online gallery you can choose 5 of your favorite digital images! Additional images may be purchased.


Are you a professional in the equine industry looking to upgrade your visual presence? 

My business branding base package (950€ incl. VAT 21%) includes a pre-session consultation, a photography session of up to 2 hours and a gallery with 50+ lightly edited images (incl. cropping and my signature color correction), along with tips on how to best use your images for both online & offline marketing!


Looking for a digital, documentary-style 'day in the life' -gallery of you & your horse?

Perhaps you'd like to have lasting memories of a special training day, a competition, or the first/last day with your horse. These sessions are for the most part unposed, last for 2 hours and result in a gallery with 25+ lightly edited digital images (incl. cropping and my signature color correction).


"Kreeta is an incredibly talented photographer with a beautiful, timeless style. She was great to work with & she captured so many stunning photos of my horses! I would highly recommend her work!"

-Will Rogers


"Kreeta has created all of the images used for marketing my equine assisted therapy business, creating the backbone on which the visual branding builds on. I have always been more than happy with the quality of her work and would without a doubt warmly recommend her for anyone looking for the best quality!"

-Päivi, Petram Terapiapalvelut

"Whatever your photo needs are, Kreeta's combination of passion and technical know-how, especially her use of lighting, will create images that will more than surpass your expectations! Highly recommended!"


"We had a really nice photoshoot with Kreeta. She was looking for a horse to do a commision for a client, so I offered her to take pictures of my mare. Besides taking the pictures for her commission, she took the time to take some pictures for me as well! She produced very high quality pictures, and is an excellent photographer with a lot of patience and feel for the horse. I will invite her again to take some more pictures, I can really recommend her!"


"My heart hurts with how lovely and perfect these pictures are! Absolutely incredible! And the colours!"



Below you can find answers to most frequently asked questions. I hope these provide answers to any questions you may have in your mind after reading the information on this site. That being said, know that if you ever have any further questions, I'm only an email away!


Shipping expenses, as well as BTW/VAT is included in all collection and product prices. Travel fees may be added on for sessions, depending on location. The standard travel fee is 0,44€/km from my base locations (such locations differ in Finland). Travel fees will be disclosed before booking and are divided among clients photographed in the same general area.

Are travel fees, shipping & tax included in the prices?

I speak English and Finnish fluently, and have a basic understanding of Dutch. My contracts, invoices, and all business-related communication will take place in English. 

*Suomalaisten asiakkaideni kanssa kommunikaatio, sopimukset, sekä laskut hoidetaan toki mahdollisuuksien mukaan aina suomen kielellä!

What languages do you speak & in which language are the contracts in?

You may use your images on both personal and professional platforms, as long as you do not directly profit from the use of the images.

This means that you can use the images to advertise your person & business in online (website, social media etc.) and printed material (flyers etc.) created by yourself or your team, but you may not sell the images digitally or as a part of a product (such as a calendar). 

Additionally, you may not transfer publication rights to a third party, such as a magazine or a contest. If you are interested in having your images published in a magazine or a contest, please approach me for a separate licensing agreement. 

Can I use the images from my session commercially?

This is the number one question I get asked by my clients before booking, so let me set you at ease! By the time we reach your session date, you will know everything you need to know about getting ready for a photoshoot.

After your booking has been confirmed, I will send over a complete preparation guide to help you in the process. This guide goes over everything from hair, makeup, outfit selection, and color palettes to best preparing your horse. The guide also provides some information on how my sessions generally work and gives numerous helpful tips + tricks for mentally and physically preparing for the experience!

If you still have questions or need help with narrowing down outfit options, we can 100% have a chat about preparation before your session!

How can I best prepare myself & my horse for the session?

100% -no question about it! I have a long background with horses and believe me when I say, I have seen it all. As a professional, I have a number of tips and tricks up my sleeve to make the session a comfortable experience for both people and horses. Horses will always be horses, and I take a very relaxed and patient approach to photographing them. We can always allow an eating/peeing break in the stall to calm down, or give your horse a little lunge to get rid of excess energy. This is also why I reserve up to two hours of photography time for my Horse & Rider -sessions. I always tell my clients that I only need a split second where everything falls into place, and you can trust me to catch that moment!

My horse can be difficult to handle -can we still do a photoshoot?

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