Prints & Products

The products I offer are designed to last generations and to ensure they do, I am available to consult on product placement in your home, will provide 'care cards' for each item, as well as a certificate of authenticity for your wall art.

3. i will provide information on caring for your products + a certificate of authenticity

You can rest easy knowing that I will take care of everything in terms of suppliers, taxes, import costs, as well as any (rare) potential manufacturing mistakes. You simply get to enjoy the finished product!

2. i personally quality control your product & fix any issues before it gets to you

I take pride in my work and want your images presented in the best way possible. In order to do so, I have spent countless of hours researching and communicating with suppliers, testing products, and choosing only the best for you!

1. I only sell ARTISANAL heirloom products that i truly love and believe in

Back at my home farm in Finland, we have an old, dark stained wooden cabinet -heavy as can get, with beautifully carved corners and decorations. And inside, dozens and dozens of photo albums. Images of people, animals, and places that were, and lived, and went before me. Moments I haven't beared witness to, but are a part of my story and feel close to my heart because I can see those moments through the faded images we have left. Had those images not been printed, there would be a gap in my story. In today's digital age, a handful of images are posted on social media platforms likely to have been forgotten by the time the next generations start searching for their stories. Archival quality albums and wall art on the other hand become family heirlooms, passed on through generations -held dear for years to come.

Why you should always print your images.




FRAMED FINE ART PRINT / A handmade fine art print rofessionally matted and custom framed according to your wishes. Finished with museum-quality, non-reflective art glass.

40x60cm (750€)
60x90cm (1000€) 
100x150cm (1500€)



HEIRLOOM PRINT COLLECTION / 15x20cm fine art prints professionally mounted onto a 20x25cm museum-quality mat and displayed in a beautiful print box. For print collections, you can customize a box that perfectly matches your album cover!

Individual print (100€)
10 prints (850€)
20 prints (1250€)
30 prints (1450€)


ALBUM / 20x25cm vertically orientated, fine art album. The album is customized according to your wishes with endless options for style, materials and color. You also receive a matching box or slipcase for safekeeping. 

25 images 
+10 images (250€)


Ordering. Products can be purchased via your online viewing appointment after your session, where we can design your art together. Of course you can always order products after your viewing session through your online gallery, or you can contact me via this page, email or social media to get the process started.

Delivery time. Due to the custom nature of the products and my hands-on approach to the process, please allow up to 90 days for production & delivery

Shipping. The finished products will be delivered to your home. Shipping is included in product prices as follows:

Free shipping to all EU countries
  • Albums
  • Matted Prints

Free shipping within The Netherlands 
  • Wall Art (until July 2023)

Shipping wall art internationally can be arranged through a transportation company specialized in handling art. Please request a shipping quote prior to ordering your wall art.